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To provide quality lawn care, pest and termite services, and tree and shrub services.

After 25 years of experience with pest control, termites, trees and lawns, I decided to start a company that utilizes all of this knowledge in a single package.

Established in 1997, All-N-One is a locally owned lawn and pest control company serving the North Texas area. We understand everything from seasonal changes to the soil types in North Texas, including what kind of trees, grass and other landscape plants thrive here and how to care for them. We readily share this knowledge to our customers and incorporate it in all aspects of our business and services. We know the insects of the area, good and bad, how to prevent them, and when to let the beneficial insects work.  In addition, we protect your home from invading pests, including termite prevention. We can identify the diseases of your turf and trees and the best treatment to ensure you lawn is in the best shape year-round.  We apply all of our products safely and use the latest in low toxicity materials in all of our services. 

All-N-One’s goal is to ensure the safety of you and your family, your pets and the environment when providing our services. If we do it correctly, we are stewards of the environment.  The overall impact of the industry is to maintain a pest free environment only when the insect is a pest. We provide a service that promotes peace of mind as well as a healthy, safe living environment to you the customer. This applies to your home and well as your landscape.

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